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2011-03-18 23:56:43 by Sank-Teh-Fyed

well i know that i have been away for a while.......

but i have been learning and working a lot lately lol

my new audio submission took my like a month. 2 weeks to remake the original and then another 2 weeks or so to revamp.

i really didn't want to take away from the original because i think that its a great song. i just wanted to add a different feel that would make people stop and think about how can i take a little more time and make it that much better.

thanks to all who listen and for your feedback


2011-01-09 02:42:35 by Sank-Teh-Fyed

Well Hello one and all

this is my second attempt at newgrounds

my old account name was bubbashankabitch or something like that.......anyways...
im here making a fresh start and i have had some time now to refocus myself
and i hope that you'll all enjoy what i will make in the future and that my
reputation will remain untainted.

thank you all for listening!